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Bachelor of Hotel Management (English Programme)
Xaverianenstraat 10
8000 Brugge
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The hotel management programme offers a high level of professional knowledge and skills, three or four foreign languages, a strong economic foundation, good ICT skills, the ability to work in a team, presentation skills and international experience. These competencies are also highly appreciated in many other industries and will offer you the opportunity to continue your studies and obtain a  Master’s Degree or an additional Bachelor’s Degree.

Teaching Method
We have deliberately opted for a semester system of twelve course weeks per semester rather than shorter modules. We believe this gives students more time to process certain topics and avoids continuous exam pressure. Throughout your Hotel Management course programme, you will be taught in small groups. Our differentiated approach and (individual) tutor support have gained us an excellent reputation.

The entire programme consists of six semesters, which together account for 180 credits. The general part of the course focuses on management, languages (French, English, German or Spanish), hotel and hospitality, social skills and teamwork.

Direct contact with people in the field is an essential part of the course. In the first year, you will  complete a one-week exploratory internship. In the second year, you will do a 6-week operational internship.

The third year includes an 18-week management internship. The course also pays a great deal of attention to the development of your international network. International contacts are essential for the hospitality managers of the future. In addition to a study trip and your international internship, you can also choose from a number of international projects as part of an international case. The facts speak for themselves: all our students complete an internship at renowned hotel chains and 80% of internships are located in France, Germany, Norway, the Canary Islands, the Netherlands, Austria and so on. You will receive an Erasmus scholarship for an international internship.

- Hotel Organisation
- Food & Beverage, Introduction to Wine, Hospitality
- ICT – Office Programs and Hotel Software
- Hotel Accounting & Financial Management, Social and Tax Law
- 3 languages (non-native language): Français / English / Deutsch / Español / Nederlands
- Introduction to Belgium (country, economy, art …)
- Event Management and Meeting Industry
- Hospitality Week and Talent Development
- (Business) Economics, Cost Control
- Research and Writing Skills
- Sales & Marketing
- Human Resources Management
- E-business and Sales
- Revenue Management and Profit & Loss
- Languages for Hospitality
- Strategic Hospitality Management
- Rooms Division & Wellness
- Gastronomy and Events
- Project: Trends in Hospitality
- Company Visits
- Practical Case Café Cuizien, International Case, Management Case
- Operational Internship, Management Internship



Deze opleiding met vier keuzetrajecten bereidt je voor op een (internationale) managementsfunctie in de hospitality. Als je van talen en sociale contacten houdt en creatief in team wil werken, dan kan je met dit diploma aan de slag als manager in hotels, vakantieverblijven, restaurants, …

Studeren en leren
In het eerste en tweede jaar staan vooral managementsvaardigheden, talen, hotel en hospitality, sociale vaardigheden en teamwork op je programma. Het laatste jaar maak je een keuze uit een van de vier keuzetrajecten: Strategic Hospitality Management, Rooms Division and Welness, Gastronomy and Events en Languages for Hospitality. Je werkt praktijkgericht via projecten, cases en sectorcontacten en maakt kennis met toonaangevende sprekers uit de hospitalitysector.
Je gaat vanaf het eerste jaar op stage. Je stages nemen toe naarmate je vordert in je opleiding. In het laatste jaar kiezen de meeste studenten voor een stage in het buitenland.

- hotelorganisatie
- voeding en dranken, wijnleer
- sociaal en fiscaal recht, hotelrecht
- Frans, Engels, Duits of Spaans
- hotelboekhouden, financieel management
- Sales & Marketing
- …

- middle tot topmanagement in hotels, resorts en vakantieverblijven, cateringbedrijven
- verantwoordelijke Reception & Reservations, Sales & Marketing, Guest Relations,
- verantwoordelijke Food & Beverage
- …

Head Hotel Management